Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Get Your Game Face On!

Before the board, came the concept of the game.  I am not saying that the art can't come first.  It is possible to create the artwork first.  And often times a designer or creator has a picture of what they want in their head before the game concept is fully finished.
In the case of the game Flags the board was changed a few times while creating the game concept.  The packaging design was changed.  Even the name of the game went through an evolutionary process.  The point of design is to be flexible.  Don't force something to work that just isn't working.  If you change a rule or objective of the game, make sure the game board reflects any changes made.  You will make mistakes.  I know we did.  Just have fun.  Enjoy the process and learn as you go.  Mistakes are part of what makes design work.  In those "mistakes" you often find that final piece of art.

Monday, September 16, 2013

It's Game Night!

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Contemplating one day what I wanted to accomplish with my life.  I decided I wanted to have fun.  To enjoy the little things.  And what is more fun that creating a board game?
Of course this wasn't something that I did on my own.  There was 100% support from my teammate. 
We devised a plan and ran with it.
(I have to admit, I couldn't ask for a better partner in "crime.")

There was a time of brainstorming, of talking out loud, all the ideas that came to mind.  No idea was a bad idea.  We edited down the list, and devised the best plan of action.  Asking ourselves all along the way, "Do we wanna play?"

Visit us on FacebookAs a designer of anything, it's important to not sell your ideas short.  Just write and draw
and doodle as many
things that come to mind. 
If it looks like a stick. 
 Let it be a stick and develop it into a tree. 
When you get inspired to create something.  Don't stop at inspiration.  See where it takes you, and don't be afraid if all you can draw is stick figures. 
Flags was inspired, thought out, worked and re-worked until the final product was published. 




Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Are you In Love?

There are songs that stick around.  The classics.
 This is one of those classics.  
The sultry sound of the sax, with soft backup vocals.
 All about missing the one you love.  

When I heard this song for the first time.  My wheels started turning.  How was I going to capture the essence of the song into one cover that was going to be seen all over the world.  Then it hit me.
I wanted to create the feeling of longing for that one true love.
  The one person that makes your heart flutter every instance you think of them.
I wanted to have a little bit of mystery.  "Who is that girl?"  "Can she see her love in the distance?"
It was also a little bit of a sequel to the "Get to You!" cover. (Another hit single from Dan & James)

But you decide for yourself...Does the cover harmonize with the song?

"Your Kiss" Available on iTunes Today!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Keep it Simple...

When creating a design for a band, or music artist.  Sometimes to make the music the star, it's important to go with simple.  You still want it to stand out on the shelf.  You want the cover to be noticed.
Sometimes in a world of bright colors and chaotic covers, it's the simple one that will stand out among them.

Keep it uncomplicated.  Start with a neutral color and use subtle variations of that color.
In this case whites and grays were used for the main background.  Clean shapes make it look effortless.
It's okay to add a little pop of color, like the red on the record, 
and combine contrast or textures like the black and white to make it pop just the way you want it to.  
Catching the eyes of the patrons, wondering to themselves "Do I want to listen to this band?"

Don't be afraid to put less.  Just say to yourself "edit, edit, edit."
When you think you have a finished product, close your eyes, then open them.  
Where is your eye drawn to first?  Is that what you wanted people to see?
Just have fun with your designs and be creative.

Friday, July 5, 2013

My New "Design" Obsession...

So, I bring to you my new obsession......drum roll please.....gardening!

This year has been full of cover designs, t-shirts, and finding cool stuff to share. Creativity and design isn't just on paper, or in the look of your home...it's in nature and the outdoors.  So what I did was start a garden this year.  Some have called this, "the year of the garden!"  To which, I must concur.  It is the year of the garden.  And since I am such a novice, I needed a little help from those that have gone before me.  Youtube became my friend.  The go-to for the how-to, and this is only a small list of videos that I found.  There are so many good and wonderful tips out there.  I decided to keep it simple, since my garden is simple.  And really according to my oldest child, I don't have any idea what I am doing.  But isn't that the fun of it all?  

I planted flowers, herbs, and vegetables...but my little pride and joy is the tiny
 watermelon plant that is happy and healthy, just like it should be.  

This is only the beginning.  With so many videos to view, so many plants to plants, so many prunings to prune, this watermelon is not the end for me.  Oh, no!  I have found the how-to mecca with simple solutions and easy growing tips.  I must continue my garden obsession for years to come.
Now I ask you, what will you be growing in your garden?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

To the Future....Lollapalooza 2013!

A bold, energetic design? 
The next logo for the great music festival, Lollapalooza? 
When I found out about the opportunity to design a T-shirt and Merchandise Logo for Lollapalooza 2013, I was extatic!  I jumped for joy, then sat down to think.  How could I create something that thousands of people would say "Hey, I think I like that"?   I researched past festival logos, researched past performers, i asked for advice, and thought about how music brings people to together.  They play, they party, they rock out to their favorite single.  Some attempt to get that sought after rare opportunity for a photo op with the band.  That moment when they can say, "Can I get your autograph?  I love your music!"
All of these things helped me to create this design.  I was inspired by balance, energy, and color.  I wanted to bring the spirit of past festivals into the future with something upbeat and modern.  Something that would last for decades.
I used the way BB King holds his guitar when he plays those soulful blues.  I thought of how Buddha represents peace and harmony to so many and about music touching so many souls.  A "lightbulb moment" that sparked Buddha rockin' a guitar, wearing Perry Ferrall's classic black top hat. 
Nothing like a contest to make a person think deep thoughts of symbolism in design.  I enjoy creating.  Enjoy the blank canvas that, after many many hours, screams Lollapalooza! And makes people want to get up and dance. 
Does this design make you think "Hey, I think I like that?"
You too can be a part of this Lollapalooza history!  Click on the link and follow the other voters to victory.