Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"Get To You"...

Design is about being inspired.  Maybe it’s looking out the window on a rainy day and deciding to base a pattern idea on the puddles you see on the sidewalk.  Maybe it’s seeing someone riding a bike down the street and you decide to create a new bike rack design.  It could just be hearing a song, and having a grand epiphany to create the cover art for the band’s next single.  I recently had this opportunity. 
 I was approached by a band member from Dan & James, a band based in New York, who's music is  “rock and roll, rhythm and blues, with a twist of jive” as  James Miller would say.

As I listened to the song, I started to envision what I wanted the cover to look like. I wanted the cover to not only represent the song, but represent the overall feeling of the song and band together. To me the song had a vintage feel, reminiscent of the day when music was more than just a beat in a club. The color was important. The lettering was important. The positioning of the figures was important. All things needed to coordinate and draw the listener in.  The song, the cover, all of it works together to create something enjoyable for you.
After you download the song, (which will soon be available on iTunes at www.apple.com/itunes) you can then listen to it on your mp3 player with your headphone beanie hat, while playing along on your electric guitar t-shirt. It's possible you may just want to sing along in your shower voice while using your microphone shaped sponge. 
"GET TO YOU" is a great song, and you won't be able to sit still for long.

For more info go to Andrea Lynn Design


  1. think you went above and beyond for this cover andrea! kudos to you!
    - J

  2. We've been getting a lot of positive feedback about your artwork, Andrea. We're privileged to have your cover art represent our latest single. :)