Sunday, July 14, 2013

Keep it Simple...

When creating a design for a band, or music artist.  Sometimes to make the music the star, it's important to go with simple.  You still want it to stand out on the shelf.  You want the cover to be noticed.
Sometimes in a world of bright colors and chaotic covers, it's the simple one that will stand out among them.

Keep it uncomplicated.  Start with a neutral color and use subtle variations of that color.
In this case whites and grays were used for the main background.  Clean shapes make it look effortless.
It's okay to add a little pop of color, like the red on the record, 
and combine contrast or textures like the black and white to make it pop just the way you want it to.  
Catching the eyes of the patrons, wondering to themselves "Do I want to listen to this band?"

Don't be afraid to put less.  Just say to yourself "edit, edit, edit."
When you think you have a finished product, close your eyes, then open them.  
Where is your eye drawn to first?  Is that what you wanted people to see?
Just have fun with your designs and be creative.

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