Friday, July 5, 2013

My New "Design" Obsession...

So, I bring to you my new obsession......drum roll please.....gardening!

This year has been full of cover designs, t-shirts, and finding cool stuff to share. Creativity and design isn't just on paper, or in the look of your's in nature and the outdoors.  So what I did was start a garden this year.  Some have called this, "the year of the garden!"  To which, I must concur.  It is the year of the garden.  And since I am such a novice, I needed a little help from those that have gone before me.  Youtube became my friend.  The go-to for the how-to, and this is only a small list of videos that I found.  There are so many good and wonderful tips out there.  I decided to keep it simple, since my garden is simple.  And really according to my oldest child, I don't have any idea what I am doing.  But isn't that the fun of it all?  

I planted flowers, herbs, and vegetables...but my little pride and joy is the tiny
 watermelon plant that is happy and healthy, just like it should be.  

This is only the beginning.  With so many videos to view, so many plants to plants, so many prunings to prune, this watermelon is not the end for me.  Oh, no!  I have found the how-to mecca with simple solutions and easy growing tips.  I must continue my garden obsession for years to come.
Now I ask you, what will you be growing in your garden?


  1. can not wait to see the watermelon!

    1. the watermelon is a little experiment this year. i'll be sure to post updates! thank you so much for supporting the blog.