Sunday, March 10, 2013

To the Future....Lollapalooza 2013!

A bold, energetic design? 
The next logo for the great music festival, Lollapalooza? 
When I found out about the opportunity to design a T-shirt and Merchandise Logo for Lollapalooza 2013, I was extatic!  I jumped for joy, then sat down to think.  How could I create something that thousands of people would say "Hey, I think I like that"?   I researched past festival logos, researched past performers, i asked for advice, and thought about how music brings people to together.  They play, they party, they rock out to their favorite single.  Some attempt to get that sought after rare opportunity for a photo op with the band.  That moment when they can say, "Can I get your autograph?  I love your music!"
All of these things helped me to create this design.  I was inspired by balance, energy, and color.  I wanted to bring the spirit of past festivals into the future with something upbeat and modern.  Something that would last for decades.
I used the way BB King holds his guitar when he plays those soulful blues.  I thought of how Buddha represents peace and harmony to so many and about music touching so many souls.  A "lightbulb moment" that sparked Buddha rockin' a guitar, wearing Perry Ferrall's classic black top hat. 
Nothing like a contest to make a person think deep thoughts of symbolism in design.  I enjoy creating.  Enjoy the blank canvas that, after many many hours, screams Lollapalooza! And makes people want to get up and dance. 
Does this design make you think "Hey, I think I like that?"
You too can be a part of this Lollapalooza history!  Click on the link and follow the other voters to victory.




  1. Go Andrea! have your back all the way!

    1. Thank you so much! It's been such a fun experience. And working with you has been amazing!