Friday, July 20, 2012

From the Sun

There is something about "green" energy that is absolutely fascinating.   There are new innovations of using rain water to flush your toilet, flexible solar panels that can be applied to clothing and other accessories to power USB devices,  and methane digesters that use the waste from the animals to completely power the farm.  All of these things aiding in the quest for finding a different way to get the energy we need to power this electronic centered world.

I came across this pocket sized gadget by XDMoto.  The XD Design Solar Window Charger is slick, small, and takes 13 hours for full recharge time.  It's main purpose is to charge your USB device.  It's as easy as sticking it to a window and letting the gizmo harvest the energy from the sun.  It can be used while the sun's rays are being collected as well. 
Just another cool design to add to the list....of cool designs. Why not get a little power from your window instead of your wall. The price to own is between $60-$70 USD upfront, but saving you money on your electricity bill month after month, even from "phantom power." "Phantom Power" is the electricity that is used by any electronic device or appliance that is plugged in even though it is turned off. Keeping that charger plugged into the wall has an effect.
The "phantom power" in your home can use up to 10% of your household's electrical consumption.
This is according to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
Is it possible that this innovative design could be right for you?  Even if you haven't joined the "green" movement quite yet, you might just get this new gadget for the "cool" factor.
Either way, in my opinion, it's a good design.

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